Motorcycle Technology

All revolutionary. All electric.

HyperDrive™: The Core of Innovation

HyperDrive™ is a patented, 500V exoskeleton drive train system. It combines the battery, BMS, charger, and inverter into a single water-tight enclosure that not only serves as the motorcycle chassis but also ensures reduced weight, enhanced balance, and almost zero maintenance. This system, combined with capabilities that surpass traditional limits, enables HyperDrive™ to offer more than double the range of combustion supersport bikes on a single charge.

Front view of the hypersport

Rear view of the hypersport

Dynamic Sound

Damon electric motorcycles produce a distinctive sound due to the gear reduction and chain drive mechanism.

The level of sound produced is directly proportional to the speed of the motorcycle.

Damon Hypersport on the Dyno

Faster, Lighter, Stronger

HyperDrive™ tightly integrates all components into a unified whole, reducing weight and centralizing mass.

A high power-to-weight ratio ranks our motorcycles among the world's fastest and most powerful.


There's a reason the world's leading high-end motorcycle manufacturers rely on Bapro Chassis Dynometers: guaranteed precision.

Damon's collaboration with Bapro ensures reliable, repeatable testing of HyperDrive's unmatched torque and power.

Damon Hypersport on the Dyno


With CoPilot™, you're alerted to unseen dangers. Our onboard neural net continuously scans for threats, and CoPilot™ alerts you via multiple warning systems - including haptic handlebar feedback, dash alert LEDs enabled by front & rearview cameras, and long range scanning radars. Fused with predictive AI, our 360º Advanced Motorcycle Warning System ensures you and your bike become smarter, safer, and more connected over time.

SHIFT™: Two Bikes in One

Experience the versatility of two bikes in one with SHIFT™. Switch from sport to commuter with a button push, even mid-ride.

  • On-the-fly ergonomic transformation.
  • Enhances control, reduces fatigue.

SHIFT™ Riding Positions

Damon Sport Riding Position
Damon Commute Riding Position

Sport riding position

Lower handlebars and raised pegs enhance control and minimize wind resistance at high speeds.

Commute Riding Position

Raise your handlebars and lower your pegs for improved comfort and easier low-speed maneuvering.

Quick & Versatile Charging

Charge at home, on the road, or at the track with ease. Fast, compatible charging solutions for every rider.

  • Built-in Level 1, 2, and Rapid CCS onboard charging build in.
  • Use any compatible station or a J1772 EVSE at home.
  • CCS fast charging up to 35 kW powers up your ride in minutes.

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