This is the future. And we've built it.



Frictionless acceleration. Unbridled power. No maintenance.


This is the world’s first monocoque-constructed, 100% electric, multi-variant powertrain.

What does that mean? It means we integrated a high energy battery pack into the actual structural frame of the HyperSport.

By doing that, we reduced and balanced the weight to give you eye-opening speed and a range that flies you all the way to the future.



A structural powerhouse gets you some intense numbers.

0 to 60 in 3 Seconds

The lighter weight of a monocoque design enables an electric surge of unprecedented acceleration.

200 Horsepower

A unique electric motor and gearbox design generates the highest power density in automotive today.

200 MPH

Six phases of system control let you reach speeds that can warp time and bend reality.

200 Mile Range

A lightweight, load-bearing, and high energy battery design, means you can let the range anxiety go.

Zero Maintenance

With very few moving parts, the world’s only fail-operational system requires virtually no maintenance.


And futuristic specs.



Remove distractions. Create space. Ride safe.


As riders, we may be fearless, but we’re not careless. So we brought situational awareness to motorcycling with an award-winning 360° Advanced Warning System.

The onboard neural net continuously scans for potential danger and alerts you through haptic feedback on the handlebar, integrated windscreen LEDs, front & rearview cameras, and long range radars.

With every ride, the bike and rider learn from each other—both becoming smarter and safer.

When you create space, you can avoid trouble and focus on the ride.

Bike Adapts to You

Damon’s cloud-connected AI engine collects road and ride data, getting smarter and safer over time. It learns how you ride, adjusting to your style so you get meaningful interactions.

360º View

We’ve got to be hyperaware of others, even when they're not aware of us. Damon looks everywhere you’re not looking so you never have to rely on the awareness or decision-making of others.

Predictive AI

Most accidents happen at intersections and crosswalks. Damon will track up to 64 objects at a time, analyse their next move, and warn you with an LED light bar and grip vibrations if necessary.

We didn’t pioneer a feature. We built a system to define the future.


  • Front & Back Wide Angle 1080p Cameras
  • Combined viewing angle of 360º


  • Identifies up to 64 objects at once
  • Auto-updating AI engine
  • Road and ride data analysis
  • Predictive collision avoidance


  • Handlebar haptic feedback engine
  • Integrated windshield LED warning lights
  • LED screen warning display
Copilot diagram image



Choose a position. Change it up. Extend the flow.


Transform instantly between sport & commuter positions at the push of a button—all while in motion. Whether it’s start-stop city traffic with constant feet on the ground, or high speed freeway conditions with wind buffeting needed, you decide how to move.

Fight off stiffness and fatigue to make sure your body doesn’t shut down the flow. The moment you want to shift position, just push the button and you’ve got an entirely new bike under you.

Don’t adjust to the bike, it can adjust to you.

Shift from relaxed, to aggressive rider posture

It’s two bikes in one. What you need, when you need it.

Adapt to all road situations

Things change in the course of a ride, why not your bike?

Operate with a single button while in motion

No pulling over to work it out. One push and you’re good.

Ease steering reactivity

Turn the way the ride demands, no friction added.

Reduce rider fatigue

Extend the flow by relaxing a muscle set in motion.

Reduce wind buffeting

Getting drag from the wind one curve to the next? Adjust.

Improve foot to ground reach

Stuck in traffic? Plant feet now and easily lift them later.

Damon Sport Riding Position

Sport Riding Position

Our design helps conform to the upper body where your stomach rests against the tank, while the back muscles and legs support the weight of the upper torso.



Go farther. Charge faster. Power your home.


With built-in Level 1, 2, and CCS Chargers, you can charge at compatible charging stations.

You can also charge the bike at home if your electrical system is safe and compatible with EV charging. Just install a J1772 compliant EVSE and you’re all set.


Compatible, capable, and unprecedented.

A massive charge with a slim profile

Every engineering decision was made with the goal of creating the slimmest possible battery that wouldn’t compromise on energy density or output. That’s how we achieved intense electric power—and made it last.

No range anxiety necessary

With CCS fast charging and incomparable range in every HyperSport, you can let go of the worries and focus on the exhilaration. You’ll get there, you’ll get back, and you’ll love everything in between.

Do more with one charge

You’ll have days of backup power for your home and devices at the ready with Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) connectivity. Bi-directional charging straight from your HyperSport—controlled and scheduled remotely via the Damon app.


CCS DC fast charge system

J1772 compliant EVSE compatible

Built-in Level 1, 2, & CCS chargers

Overcharge protection


Active thermal management

Temperature sense integration

21700 based lithium ion

Heat spreading

Voltage sense integration

Liquid cooling: 3C discharge rate

Passive propagation resistance

Sealed - IP67

Vehicle to Home (V2H)

Bi-directional energy storage and dispatch

Up to 3 days home power delivery

Embedded 6.6 kW inverter



Your ride in the cloud. On your phone. In your brain.


To give you all of the tools you need to ride better and safer, we had to transcend the traditional role of bike and rider by creating the smartest bike on the road.

So we connected a powerful app to a smart hardware interface and cloud-driven AI. Intuitive app functions let you see, plan, and share your ride. You can check your charge, find places to juice up, and a ton of brilliant capabilities.

Your bike’s brain updates from rides taken around the world, and your brain gets updated every time the bike gives you a warning.


The future starts now. The possibilities are endless.

Know more, do more - with the Damon app

Seamlessly connect your bike to the Damon app to see every detail and interact with your bike in powerful ways.

See more of what matters with a rich HMI

The onboard HMI can be configured to put focus on only the info you need for the ride you’re going to take.

Manage and share ride videos and routes

Access ride videos, create clips, and share on social media. Exchange routes and build a community.

Easy device pairing and charging

Connect and charge your devices, sync bike data to the app, access music, make calls, and even power your home.

Track bike location and status

Locate your bike anytime and know when it’s powered on. Get theft alerts if your bike is disrupted when you’re away.

Over-the-air updating

Ride and road data improves the AI engine. When we have an update or new features, you’re upgraded automatically.


WiFi Capable


Cellular Data


Mobile and wearables app, ride tracking, battery status, and more

AI evolution from cloud data, user recognition, & OTA updates

Onboard smart display interface for insights about your bike and surroundings

Data Sources


1080p Cameras

Non-Visual Sensors

4G Telematics Array

HyperDrive™ Powertrain

77 GHz Radar

Force Sensors


Visual Traffic Feeds

Vehicle Data

Rider Behaviour Data

Riders on Damon motorcycles

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