Building a Crashless Future

It’s our mission to protect riders with technology that adapts to humans instead of the other way around.

We believe that a true fusion of human and machine can make each journey more personal, exhilarating, and safe.

No Compromises

At Damon, we push limits and we reject the slow crawl of evolution. We believe that smarter, safer, and environmentally-friendly technology should already be the best choice today. So we proved it.

Starting with the HyperSport motorcycle, we reimagined the relationship between bike and rider—erasing the divide to make them one. And it sparked a revolution.

Now we’re defining the future of mobility on a global scale. So, if you’re ready to ride ahead, we'll show you the way.

Our Journey to
zero crash fatalities

  • 2016

    A Crash

    Damon Co-Founder and CEO, Jay Giraud, crashes a motorcycle in Jakarta and vows it will never happen again... to anyone.

  • 2017

    The Warning System

    Damon is founded by Co-founders Dom Kwong, COO, and Jay Giraud, CEO. They bring the first motorcycle collision warning system, CoPilot™, to life.

  • 2019

    HyperSport: The World’s First Smart Motorcycle

    An Al-enhanced, electric motorcycle featuring CoPilot™ collision warning system, is born inside the Damon Lab.

  • 2020

    Damon's First Public Launch

    First proof of concept of HyperSportwas launched. Founders' Edition sell out in four days. Damon closed the year with over $18M in reservations, over $2.5B media impressions & 3 major awards –including the 2020 CES Best Innovation Award.

  • 2021

    HyperDrive™ and HyperFighter Come to Life

    We design and build our revolutionary HyperDrive™ powertrain –the world’s first multi-variant all-electric powertrain platform and the core of all Damon motorcycles. HyperFighter is announced as the next model in our bike lineup. We end the year with an order book of over $48M.

  • 2022

    Supply Chain Locked and Factory Completed

    We completely redesign our Mission Motors motor. This design now exceeds our target specs. Supply chain is now locked for all our bikes. After securing the site in 2021, our 110,000 sq ft cleantech manufacturing plant in British Columbia is set be completed this year.

  • 2023

    Deliveries Begin and Production Ramps Up

    Deliveries begin and our bikes start to hit the roads! Production continues to increase to maximum capacity throughout the year.

  • 2025

    Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) Are Launched

    We reduce forward collisions by 40%. Collision prediction improves for all, as our crash intelligence is shared with every smart vehicle. Our Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) category is born for consumers, ride sharing, and delivery fleets.






want to change the world?

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